For those of us living in England’s south east, the roads of Europe are on our doorstep. Or rather the roads of northern France and Belgium are on our doorstep – Normandy, Nord Pas and parts of Benelux are within half a day’s easy ride or drive.

But what if we want to go further afield to, say, the Swiss Alps? Hitherto the options for this destination have been the scenic route (maybe taking in the nerve shredding Nurburgring) or for the fainter-of-heart the sublime Black Forest High Road. Alternatively we could endure a relentless motorway slog to reach our destination and be ready for some serious mountain bend swinging the next day after a night in a hotel.

In recent years I’ve done all three, and indeed all have their merits. But what about when the modern malaise of being ‘time poor’ becomes a major factor or, as in my case in July, beholden to a pillion? 

Not just any pillion mind; the woman I love. Mary is new to biking, and hasn’t done much more than a couple of hours in the saddle on any given day. Brownie points needed to be accumulated or at least maintained. Quite the quandary. 

Enter Bikeshuttle, a roll-on-roll-off motorcycle transport service from the UK to Geneva (the Alps) or Toulouse (Pyrenees). The brainchild of Guy Buswell who, after enduring non-stop rain riding the length of France one week, decided there must be an easier (drier) way of doing things.

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