We have long been admirers of this sleek family car in both saloon and estate forms, but does the Tourer version have the substance to back up its style – and back up Mazda’s ambition to pitch it as a premium product?

Our Car: Mazda6 Tourer 2.2d 150PS SE-L Lux manual

List price when new: £28,095 OTR

Price as tested: £29,245

Official fuel economy: 62.8mpg (EU Combined)

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November 27, 2018

Fuel economy this week: 55.3mpg

It’s a rare thing that someone asks a motoring writer for their advice on which car to buy, then actually buys the car they suggest. In asking, more often than not, people really want confirmation or validation of a choice they’ve already made. But every now and then, someone does actually go out and spend their hard-earned on a car you’ve recommended. At which point your satisfaction at having helped a friend or family member to arrive at a good decision quickly segues into nerves; ‘Good grief,’ you think. ‘I hope they like it. And I hope it doesn’t break down on them.’

On one of these occasions, the car in question was a Mazda6 Tourer. I needn’t have fretted, because it gave its owner faithful service, hauling him and his family around comfortably and efficiently and remaining rock-solid and terrific to drive for every minute of his three-year custodianship. 

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